Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Lady Pictures!!

I finally remembered to take pictures! I have one sleeve completed... and one sleeve 1/3 finished. I've already sewn in my ends.... for some reason I like to do that before I block, because I'm always afraid that the ends are going to catch on something.

Oh yeah, and I forgot that I'm a really realy loose knitter when I bought my size 3 Hiya Hiya 9" sock circulars that can't be returned... so my socks were HUGE when I tried them on last night. So I had to frog them. So I need to get either 0s or 1s. And a new pattern, because other tight knitters have had problems with these socks being huge and slouchy.


Joanie said...

Very pretty color! I like the sweater! You'll have to take another picture while you are wearing it.

Suzy Girl said...

Ooh!! Very pretty. I love the color - that's a great shade of blue!. And the buttons are just right.

Julie said...

wow, it's so pretty!! I love the colour.