Thursday, May 7, 2009

MDSW and French Girls

I attended my very first Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! And I had a blast. There were seven of my knit circle that drove down from Delaware. After waking up at 5am and meeting in Elkton MD at 6:30am, two cars caravaned down to West Friendship, MD for some sheep & wool goodness. Luckily, I "accidentally" didn't give the DBf Gene my GPS and had it in my car. Thank GOODNESS too because I probably never would have found the place.

I found some fantastic skeins of loveliness that I didn't buy... like Tess's 50/50 Wool & Silk blend that was WONDERFUL but a little more than my budget. If the yardage was more I might have bought it. I did end up getting some 50/50 wool/silk from Brook's Farm in Texas. After the solo silk display tried to fall on me, of course. I also found a lovely etsy vendor Made By Ewe with GREAT prices.

I considered for a good long while about picking up a spindle and some gorgeous roving and doing some spinning... and I think I might put it on my wish list for birthday and Christmas. It wasn't in the budget for that weekend, though. I wouldn't have been able to get my solo silk!! Plus the drop spindle (well, trindle, actually) that I wanted was $40... and I know that I can find one for less than that. I also want to try some undyed roving first. I know that I can always find lovely handpainted stuff on etsy later on after I get better. I don't like being bad at things. I picked up knitting the first time in about 15 minutes, which is probably why I've kept up with it for so long.

I haven't been neglecting my projects! I was working on the Louisa from French Girl Knits for a while, but I kept screwing up the lace pattern--and it's the simplest lace pattern! I instead have started working on Wrenna using some lovely Cascade Magnum. I took off for the sleeves and am starting the hip shaping now, so it should be done soon. I did take pictures, so I will post those. I've also finally picked my socks (ok, sock.) up again... and it's starting to look like a sock!! I've finished turning the heel and I'm almost finished the gusset! Soon I'll be working on the foot and the toe. And then i get to start the second one...

After Wrenna.. I have a ton of things I want to do:
* ZickZack Tunic from Interweave Knits Spring 2009 in Cascade Heritage
* Sophia from French Girl Knits in Emu Superwash DK (if I can figure out that wacky seamless side construction with a crochet provisional cast on...)
* Little Blue Sweater from Interweave Knits Fall 2008 in Berroco Cuzco (what I was making my Louisa out of)
* Something out of my KnitPicks worsted High Peruvian Wool. I have about 1100 yards of it. I had a sweater in mind originally, but I think it's kind of boring now... so...