Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Knitting

After much negotiation, Gene and I finally came up with a good idea for Halloween. We are going as "People who are hard to find." Gene will be Waldo, and I will be Carmen SanDiego. But because Waldo's outfit is so, um, specific..it's a bit challenging to find. So, I am currently making a Waldo hat.

It's my first experiment with circulars... and first experiment with poms. Hopefully it's a successful experiment. So far, on my first row using the circulars I dropped the final stitch. Luckily, my friend Sara (who taught me how to use circulars) was there and found it. So far so good. I found this great pattern on ravlery for a "plain knit hat." it has a ribbed border of about 2.5", which I'm doing in red, and then stockinette in white for the rest of the hat. I think it's going to be good. I think. I'm worried about two things... I'm worried about bringing in the white, and I'm worried about having to switch from circulars to dpns for the end. It's apparently easier to do it that way? I've never used circulars OR dpns before... so it's a bit terrifying for me. But hey, it's a non-retangular garment.. so it's a step in the right direction. And it's nice and small and fast. Not as fast as my two hour capelet...but whatevs.