Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Onto Sweater Two

Now that Feb Lady is finally complete (and once the weather is not rainy and crap, I'll take a picture inside. I took one inside, but the flash made the color all distorted and gross.

I've fallen in love with Zephyr Style's Rusted Root sweater. LOVE. One of my knit girls made it in two weeks (she's freakishly fast and her work is amazing... I'm a little jealous sometimes) and she wore it one Monday night at our meeting coffeehouse. I fell in love immediately and had to make it. I've been reading up on it on ravelry a bit, and I'm really scared of this lace pattern now! I've done a few things in lace now (2 scarves and Feb Lady Sweater) and this will be my first sweater in the round, since Feb Lady is a cardigan. I cast on my sts yetserday on my 24" Denises, and I could not join it in the round to save my life! And I know that I have the correct cord in my interchangeable set.

Maybe I'm joining in the round wrong? I've always flip-flopped the first and last stitch on the needles. How do you knit in the round?? I guess the yarn I chose (Cascade Sierra... it's a pima cotton and merino blend... 80/20) doesn't have much give because it's cotton. I really wanted to start it yesterday... but I couldn't. I get some quality knit time tonight for a few hours, so maybe I can try again... I'm just super excited about this sweater. It's probably bad that I'm slightly a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting... I want everything to be beautiful and look amazing.

I've also fallen in love with the book "French Girl Knits" which is fairly knew. If you haven't checked it out yet, oh my god the sweaters are flipping gorgeous. One of them was featured in the spring interweave knits. I think there are only maybe 4 sweaters in the entire book that I'm not crazy about. I just absolutely love it. And I need it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Lady Pictures!!

I finally remembered to take pictures! I have one sleeve completed... and one sleeve 1/3 finished. I've already sewn in my ends.... for some reason I like to do that before I block, because I'm always afraid that the ends are going to catch on something.

Oh yeah, and I forgot that I'm a really realy loose knitter when I bought my size 3 Hiya Hiya 9" sock circulars that can't be returned... so my socks were HUGE when I tried them on last night. So I had to frog them. So I need to get either 0s or 1s. And a new pattern, because other tight knitters have had problems with these socks being huge and slouchy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sock Challenge

Now that the end of the February Lady Sweater is in sight (ONLY ONE SLEEVE LEFT! Still no pictures... I'm a slacker) I decided that it was time that I did something with my beautiful skein of Rio de la Plata multicolor sock yarn. At my final FLS class, I had to buy US 6 12" circs for my sleeves...since my Denises don't go that small, and I didn't think of that. While looking for my circs... I saw Hiya Hiyas 9" circs... and decided to splurge a bit. DPNs are fine, but I love circs. Plus my DPNs are 8" long and for socks, that's a bit large. Right now, I'm doing just a basic 3x1 rib sock. I thought tackling lace socks was not a good plan right off the bat. My first sock is 3" long right now. And the pooling is just fine... no weird pooling!

The colorway is fuschia, evergreen, and blue violet. Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to wear my first pair of hopefully many socks. And I promised Gene my second pair of socks... we're going to go to my LYS and pick out some sock yarn for him, and a simple pattern off of ravelry. I'm just busting through my resolution to challenge myself this year!