Monday, November 3, 2008

Waldo pictures!

I'm remembering to post pictures! I tried to just post a picture of Waldo wearing his hat, but unfortunately I'm in the way, so you get to see me as Carmen Sandiego as well.

The knitting of the Waldo hat was not as scary as I thought, but I should have continued the red a little above the ribbing. I really like knitting in stockinette in the round!! That's fun! And switching to dpns was also not quite as terrifying as I anticipated. I expected to call Sara in a panic because I dropped every single stitch, but I managed to survive. And if the hat wasn't obnoxious colors with an obnoxious pompom on it, Gene would probably wear it on a regular basis. I'm highly considering embroidering a Phillies "P" on it in red and taking off the pom. I definitely like making hats though.. and now that I have US8 dpns, I should get 16" US8 circulars. I bought 29" by accident, but Sara lent me her 16".

I'm having a get together with a few friends (some of whom have never knitted ever) over to my house for a knitting extravaganza. My friend's wife wants to learn, and she recently embedded needles she tried to teach herself with in the wall (or so she tells me). My other friend Jenny is a quilter and wants to learn how to knit, my little sister actually taught me to knit, and then Sara is coming and bringing some avid knitters with her. I think I'm going to tackle cables this time. I keep saying that I'm going to do it, and I have two fun patterns that I want to try (and really pretty teal virgin lambs wool I want to use!) so hopefully next weekend will go smoothly.

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