Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yarn Search

Because of the newest tropical whatever developing in the ocean on the East Coast down by Haiti, the wedding I'm going to by the Jersey shore this weekend is going to be cold and yucky. Luckily, I have this cute adorable pattern in this Rowan Biggy Print book I borrowed from my sister for this little shawl that would be adorable with my dress. The problem? I need Rowan Biggy Print yarn... and the normal gauge for that is using US 36s. Every "super chunky weight" yarn I've come across thus far would look dumb if I used 36s.

There are three specialty yarn stores remotely close to me... Wool Gathering, A Garden of Yarn, and Stitches With Style. A Garden of Yarn is the closest to me where I am at this moment. When I'm home, Stitches With Style is closer. I'm hoping that A Garden of Yarn either A. carries Rowan yarn or B. has something chunky enough...and black... that I can use it and not have it look dumb. I saw someone who used this pattern on ravelry and instead of using a brooch or oversized pin to close it, they used ribbon...which is a great idea, and I think I'm going to do that.

I don't have a shawl or anything that can be used to somewhat formalesque occasions where a coat would look tacky... so hopefully I'll be able to finish this. If I do, it will be my first non-scarf or blanket! I'm excited.

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